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Nutrition Guidance

Get a personalized macronutrient breakdown to help you reach your unique goals!


Grocery List

Sample Day of Meals

How to Guide to Tracking Macros

4 workouts a week

May 3 - May 30

Monday - Thursday 7:15-8:15 PM


Monday: Legs & Glutes 🍑 

Tuesday: Upper Body Burn

Wednesday: Core & Conditioning

Thursday: Legs & Glutes 🍑 

Habits to last a lifetime

Learn the right combination of nutrition and workouts to create your healthy dream body!


Shopping Spree: Battle Born "Beekinis"

1st Place: $150 Gift Card

2nd Place: $75 Gift Card

3rd Place: $75 Gift Card

Let's Crush Our Summer Goals Together!

This challenge is for the girls! Whether you want a kickstart in your fitness, want to get into better shape for summer, or just need a change in your exercise routine, Hot Girl Summer is the challenge for you! Each week will consist of four workouts focused on leaning down, shaping your muscles, and building that booty! You will also receive a personalized 4-week macronutrient breakdown/meal plan that is right for your body and your specific goals! Sign up today for four weeks of "Hot Girl Sh*T"!

Price: $335/Lady

The Coach: Harley

Harley is a nutrition and CrossFit coach here at Elite. She is a certified level 1 nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition.

She is excited to get you on track to reach your fitness goals this summer!