Neal Steven's Inspiring Testimonial

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

I walked into Elite with my head around my knees around the time of August 23, 2019.

My wife had a cardiac arrest during our road trip from Los Angeles, first stop Bishop, on our way to Tahoe for vacation with our 3 children.  We were airlifted from Bishop to Renown Hospital in Reno, where my wife was placed in ICU & touch & go for survival, it was beyond words, the distress & disbelief. 

I was looking for an outlet, knew fitness is a remedy & support to get me through these difficult times, I met Oliver, we spoke & he was so gracious, engaged me & did not charge me for my daily visits, which honestly saved my life, as the husband & father of 3 children, waiting anxiously to see whether my wife, mother, was going to pull through.

  I looked forward to visiting the gym each day, refuge & solace. It's a fantastic gym, between the boxing, cross fit & other variables to work out & let off steam. It's too bad we don't live in Reno, what a great facility, BUT I was telling Oliver, fantastic place for Renown & their doctors, nurses, patients, staff, etc. It's a few blocks from the hospital. 

Oliver was a class act, he's forever forged into my life repertoire. We're so fortunate, my wife is a miracle & we're back in Los Angeles finding our new normal. Oliver gave me a t-shirt from Elite, I wear it often & tell people the story, I'm so proud to share this.

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