6 Week

A fun and competitive way to stay accountable to your goals!

Each week individuals will earn points for their efforts and consistency in both their nutrition and fitness. Earn up to 5 points per day!:

1 Point for exercising- this can be any type of exercise in or out of the gym

1 Point for taking an Elite Boxing, CrossFit, Open Gym, or Mobility class

1 Point for meeting your nutrition goal *this nutrition goal will change every 2 weeks. (Don’t worry, there’s no restrictions or strict diet to follow.)

2 Points for achieving the bonus goal *this goal changes every 2 weeks

Each week there will be a check in where you will update the coaches with total points earned for the week and ask nutrition questions you have. By Monday, points will be updated and kept track of on a leaderboard at the gym and nutrition coaches will answer all nutrition questions on our webpage and social media accounts. 

At the end of 6 weeks winners will be chosen through most points earned, a testimonial of what you learned and achieved, and transformation photos!



Macro Plan

Our nutrition coaches will create nutrition plan customized to your body and lifestyle!

LEARN practical knowledge

Simple, actionable steps to improve your portion sizes, food choices, and more structure in your diet.

Accountability to last a lifetime

It can be easy to slip up on your diet when no one is looking. But it’s a lot harder when our coaches are looking over your shoulder every second of the day (metaphorically)!

WIN Prizes!

Winners will be chosen based on points and transformation photos!

Some Of Our Past

The Coaches:

Registered Dietician


Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach


Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach